Mar 10 2011

field trip [day 288]

Not too much time to blog today.  I’m getting ready to go to the SXSW conference and festival.  South by Southwest is in Austin, Texas and I’m thinking this is going to be pretty cool.  Besides Blake Mycoskie from TOMS shoes being one of the keynote speakers, there are some crazy fun sessions like techno-cannibalism, deviantart sandbox, ordering disorder, social photography, the fine art of inclusion, evil plans, dork intervention, tired of @#%ing social media experts?, building community in blogger eat blogger world, how to personalize without being creepy, future of storytelling by playing Dexter, understanding humans, and much more.  Plus I get to hang out at the lizard lounge, maybe I’ll even meet leisure suit Larry.

I’ll be blogging while I’m there, as this should be a lot of interesting stuff!

Mar 10 2011

cabinet knobs [minimalist challenge item #21]

[item] 10 cabinet drawer knobs pulls

[purchase info] Purchased on eBay for just under $2 a piece

[time in my possession] Approximately 4 years

[last used] Never

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Craigslist

[info] I’m selling these, as I don’t need extras sitting around.  They retail for around $7 a piece, and I’m selling the lot of 10 for $12.  Anyone interested?

Mar 10 2011

poverty: the stress of a downward spiral [day 287]

My rent payment is $286.  My utilities are $190 this month.  I don’t own a phone, I don’t have a job and I have a baby to take care of.  My name is Iris Isaacson… but only in this temporary make-believe world.  This world I’m speaking of is a poverty simulation, a game to teach people what it’s like to live in poverty.

I participated in this event last night.  At first, I thought it seemed like a lot of work and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be there.  In the middle of it, I was thinking, “…what a chaotic game…”, but also realizing much of it was like real life.  At the end of it, I was worn out.  I couldn’t pay my bills, the ones I did pay were late, I had to pawn my jewelry, sold my camera, and after all the hardships and paying everything late, I got evicted anyway.  Here’s a description of the simulation.

The Poverty Simulation is a simulation experience developed by the Missouri Association for Community Action. During the simulation, participants pretend to be members of a low-income community attempting to survive four 15-minute weeks of poverty. The simulation relies on role playing techniques and extensive props to help participants understand the day to day challenges faced by families living in poverty.  Continue reading