to buy or not to buy, that is the question [day 314]

I found myself at a thrift store about a week ago, one that I haven’t visited in a long time.  I really didn’t need anything, but since I was on that side of town, I decided to check it out.  In the past, any good must be purchased, but now I apply my new shopping skills before buying anything.  Here’s a little bit of what that looks like.

  • Browse first, pick up later. I shop without picking up anything.  I look for things I like, then once I’m done, I go back and get the things I remember.  If it didn’t stick in my head, it’s not worth buying.
  • Do I need this? This question doesn’t mean I can’t have it if I don’t need it.  What it does mean is looking at the big picture.  Why do I want it?  How long will I use it?  Will I even use it more than once of twice?  What item will I get rid of to get this with my one for one model?
  • Can I repurpose something I have, borrow or trade for this? Basically I’m asking, “Is there a better way?”  Let’s take a tool for example.  Do I have something that will do the same job?  Could I borrow or rent this item?  I look at all other options.

I did something a little different on this shopping trip.  I took photos of everything I would have put in the cart or considered buying right away.  Here’s the photos.

Things I didn’t buy.

This extremely well build patio coffee table would have come home with me.  I don’t need, I would barely have space for it, but it was a screaming deal at $29.99.  I still want it just looking at the photo of it.  I love the modern style, and the way this was built, it could serve as a storm shelter.

Awesome cap, too tight for my head. 

Cute sweater, but looks like crap on me.  Not my color either.  I love gray, buy I look terrible in it.

Awful photo of this shirt.  It was cute, but it would be worn once and sit in my closet.  This is a great example of a ‘novelty’ t-shirt.  I would wear it, make my statement and there it would sit, waiting for my closet to be cleaned out.  When I looked at this thinking I have to get rid of a piece of clothing I already have, it didn’t look so attractive.

When this Lucky Brand sweatshirt was new in the store for $109, I liked it.  Now I like the price, but I’m not sure why I ever wanted a sweatshirt that looks like my grandma’s old sofa.

Cute, but not the right style.

This one I struggled with.  It’s Daytrip, a Buckle brand that makes quality clothing that fits me well.  I really like the style of this shirt, and I picked it up off the rack twice.  I put it back after thinking about it.  It’s not the length I like, although close.  I love that it’s colorful, but the colors look like an 80’s flashback.  The final decision was based on the fabric.  It’s too heavy and I like light fabrics.  I decided this wouldn’t be comfortable, therefore I would not wear it more than once.

I’ve always wanted a table saw.  I love power tools.  I have access to a table saw and I could also rent one, so why would I want one taking up space in my garage, knowing it might be used once or twice a year?

Things I did buy.

The red Gap t-shirt hoodie.  This style is perfect, comfortable and a good length.  Nice light, fitted fabric is great for layering and good for all seasons.  I don’t have many red clothes, so this was a good addition.

The knit hat didn’t work out, it made me look Amish.  I loved the scarf and bought it to replace my pink fuzzy one that sheds all over the place.

Forever 21 t-shirt in a super soft fabric.  I don’t have many summer t-shirts that aren’t the basic, standard style.

I left, set back about $9.00 after making these purchases.  Had I bought everything I liked and thought about getting because it was a good deal, I would have collected a lot of stuff and spent close to $200.00.  I didn’t really need the things I bought, but I did take the time to make some good decisions.  If nothing else, they get donated back to the thrift store and the $9 still goes to charity.

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