Apr 8 2011

4 kitchen thermometers [minimalist challenge item #50]

[item] Lot of 4 kitchen thermometers

[purchase info] Purchased new from housewares stores or coffee shops

[time in my possession] Approximately 13 years

[last used] Over 5 years

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Thrift store

[info] I had a ‘bouquet’ of these in a small vase of coffee beans.  This is a true picture of excess, as I can only use one at a time.  I kept my 2 favorites, one in use, one in the dishwasher if it’s dirty.  Why did I feel the need to have 6 of these???  My senselessness on display here.  :(

Mar 13 2011

slate tile [minimalist challenge item #24]

[item] Bin of 4″ slate tiles

[purchase info] I got these for free, as they were leftovers from a tile project

[time in my possession] Approximately 3 years

[last used] Never

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Medium

[destination] Given to a friend

[info] I had to get rid of a lot of tile.  I have projects I want to do, but I just don’t know when or if I will ever get to them.  I gave the tile to someone that will use it.

Feb 21 2011

photography reflector [minimalist challenge item #4]

[item] Photo reflector, double sided

[purchase info] Purchased on eBay

[time in my possession] Approximately 5 years

[last used] 3 years ago

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Donation to church

[info] I have 2 of these.  I don’t need two and I never used them both at the same time.  This is the larger of the 2, but I prefer to work with the smaller one.  This was not a good purchase, it was me being a hoarder.  😉