Apr 4 2011

mom!! the ice cream truck!! [day 312]

I have really come to hate the taunting music played from the ice cream truck, getting louder as it gets closer to my house.  As soon as I hear the fain sounds of it, I know what’s next.  Mom!!!!!  The ice cream truck!!!!!!  My kids know I’m not a fan of the van filled with overpriced, well advertised sugar products, stopping to fill the air with carbon monoxide and invading my territory.  While I was away and had a sitter, they went to the truck.  My youngest, knowing I would not be happy about this, decided to make something good out of it.  He decide to get something that was in a container we could reuse, and he also talked all his friends into doing the same.

We use these little containers in our lunch bags.  I did not end here.  The next time the ice cream truck came by, I said, “No.”  After much deliberation, I decided to have some fun with this.  I let him go out and get some ice cream from the truck.  I think I freaked out my neighbors, but here’s what happened…



I haven’t checked at Kroger yet to see if they carry Popsicle Shots, but I’ll be checking today.  I’m all about people making a living in creative ways, and the ice cream truck driver is a good way to make some money.  It’s like fast food that comes to your house with dessert.  I never buy this for my kids, I make them use their own money.  If they feel good about the purchase, then I’ll go with it.  I don’t always say yes to the ice cream truck, but I don’t always say no.  Balance.  It’s all about balance.


Jan 20 2011

the ridiculousness of cereal straws [day 239]

I told my kids I would let them buy a box of cereal straws if they promised to blog on the  ridiculousness of them.  They chose to do it, so I purchased the box of Oreo Funstix cereal straws for $3.50.

Joe: O.K. First of all. My mom is making me do this. So I’m not going to write much. Here’s what I am going to say. ‘’Cookie straws are stupid. Their a waste of plastic, and a waste of sweet, precious, awesome money.’’

Obviously he places a high value on his money, not mine.  He can buy the cereal straws next time, with his own money.

Cole: I don’t mean any of this. Cookie straws are too expensive. Also pointless and stupid.

I don’t allow him (or his brother) to say the word stupid, but I suppose he thinks it’s okay to type it.  Apparently cereal companies aren’t selling enough cereal, so they’re molding cereal into other forms and marketing it to kids.  If my kids want more of these, they will have to buy them with their own money.  I think they’ll become less important to Cole and Joe will buy a box every so often just to annoy me.  :)

Dec 11 2010

lesson learned through a pink bag and Barbie dolls [day 198]

Yet another trip to Target.  This time it was for my son.  Here’s the somewhat funny, yet disturbing story…

I was presented with a ziplock baggie full of Barbie doll parts this past week.  Normally, this would be okay, as someone might be giving me these for an art project or something.  This time, it’s because my son, along with a friend, decapitated and dismembered some dolls that obviously weren’t his.  He said he took the heads off, but didn’t do the rest, however he did choose to make a puppet show out of them.  I don’t have a pic of the dolls right now, but I’m quite sure they’ll be in a future trashogram.

I’m mostly upset by this because he isn’t being respectful of other people’s things.  These dolls belong to the church, and he made a really poor decision in destroying stuff that’s not his.  Now knowing my somewhat quirky parenting style, I came up with a pretty creative punishment.  My style has been compared to Henry Spencer from the show Psych.  It’s odd, but it works.  I’ll stick with it.  So my punishment started at Target…

First, my son had to go into the store with a pink “green” bag.  The friend that helped him also came along, as they’re both to purchase new Barbie dolls for the church.  She offered to carry the pink bag, and at some point, I allowed it.  The punishment, or so he thinks, is that I will video him in the doll aisle, selecting the new Barbie dolls and checking out at the register.  I did do the videos, but I’m not sure if I will actually post them.  As upset as he was, I think he might have learned his lesson.  The money came out of his bank account and he also has to write an apology letter to the kids director at church.  Continue reading

Sep 23 2010

an ipad or an xbox 360? [day 119]

I went to the store yesterday… for my son.  My oldest lost his Gameboy charger and has been begging me for the past few days to take him to Game Stop so he could buy a new one.  He knew he would have to pay for it with his own money.  He looked around the store at the games after looking for a used charger.  There were no used ones, so we waited in line to ask for a new one.

Meanwhile, my youngest son was looking around the store.  He has been saving his money for an iPad, and has saved over $200.  This kid loves to spend money, but he does think a lot about purchases before he makes them.  Both of the boys have wanted an Xbox 360 since they came out, however we still have our old one.  His thought process?  I have to save $300 more for an iPad or I could buy a used Xbox 360 now.  He looked around at the systems and games a while longer. Continue reading

Jul 20 2010

thrift store vs. retail [day 54]

I decided to go to the thrift store yesterday.  I was hoping to find some shoes and shorts for the boys.  I made them look for shorts individually, which did not go well until I forced them t do it together.  They found 3 pairs and I found a fourth so now I won’t have to hear, “MOM!  There’s no clean shorts.  I have nothing to wear.”  At some point I usually threaten them, if they’re not dressed, they’re going ‘as is’.  So far they’ve had clothes on every time.

In the evening we decided to go see the movie Despicable Me.  Cute movie by the way.  On the way out, Barnes and Noble was still open and my kids were begging to go in.  They’re allowed to spend their own money at retail stores if they want to, but I won’t.  I usually try to talk them out of it.  Cole found a book that he really wants, however he had no money.  I do owe him 2 weeks allowance and I told him that, also telling him that we could come back tomorrow and get the book if he still wants it.  He tried to pull that ‘it won’t be here tomorrow’ line, and the ‘I need it now and I’ll pay you back’ line.  Clearly the books were not flying off the shelves and it will be there tomorrow.   I will give him his allowance today.

To be continued….