Mar 25 2011

portfolio [minimalist challenge item #36]

[item] Art portfolio

[purchase info] Purchased new in an art store

[time in my possession] Approximately 13 years

[last used] About 7 years ago

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Freecycle

[info] The world has gone digital and I just don’t show my work that often, at least not out of a suitcase. ¬†ūüėČ

Mar 23 2011

a bunch of miscellaneous stuff [minimalist challenge item #34]

[item] A large bin and huge bag of miscellaneous stuff

[purchase info] Most of this was purchased new, but on sale.  Some came from thrift stores.

[time in my possession] Many years

[last used] Over a year

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy to medium

[destination] Freecycle

[info] This is a lot of random stuff… Christmas lights, toys, art supplies and office supplies. ¬†I have several storage bins of junk that I still need to go through, but this is a good start. ¬†These bins are like junk drawers on steroids.

Mar 16 2011

foam stamps [minimalist challenge item #27]

[item] 3 bags of chunky foam design stamps

[purchase info] Some were purchased new at full price, some were given to me.

[time in my possession] Some a few months, some 8+ years

[last used] For me, 6 months.  Some neighbor kids, a few months ago.

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Freecycle

[info] I kept just a select few stamps that I’ve used a lot, but got rid of the rest. ¬†I had many that were brand new and never used. ¬†The last time I used some was down at Casa Hogar Elim to do some painting embellishments in the teen girl’s dorm.

Mar 15 2011

weird stuff collection [minimalist challenge item #26]

[item] Items from my weird stuff collection

[purchase info] Mostly purchased from thrift stores

[time in my possession] Approximately 3 years

[last used] 1 year ago

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Medium

[destination] Freecycle

[info] I like my collection of weird stuff.  The vintage Humpty Dumpty came from a Gattlinburg thrift store, some of the Christmas ornaments were purchased new.  I just got tired of the clutter and having to clean and dust this stuff all the time.  I kept some pieces, but not a lot.

Mar 12 2011

light switch plate [minimalist challenge item #23]

[item] Framed light switch plate with artwork

[purchase info] Purchased the frame new, but on sale for $7.00 and the switch plate came with the old house

[time in my possession] Approximately 8 years

[last used] 4.5 years ago

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Freecycle

[info] I made the switch cover using a decoupage technique with artwork from old art books.  The frame around it made it look like a mini painting.  I had a few of these, some are in my house now without the frames.


Mar 5 2011

the sky is falling [day 283]

Giant, shrink-wrapped¬†books. ¬†They’re everywhere. ¬†I think it rained phonebooks, although I don’t remember seeing that in my weather forecast. ¬†Flint Lockwood must have made another machine, but this one storms phone books. ¬†They’re on top of the mailboxes, on the sidewalks, in the grass, they’re pretty much everywhere. ¬†They’re taking over the neighborhood.

Why do the Yellow Pages still exist? ¬†Simple, because advertisers are still giving them money. ¬†Let’s look at the logic here. ¬†Are these businesses just clutching on to a past dream of advertising success, unwilling to let go? ¬†I walk my street twice a day and nobody is bringing these books in the house. ¬†Now the advertisers are probably paying for internet and print, so as long as they’re getting new customers, they’re probably not concerned with the details, they just want the results. ¬†How many people still use phone books? ¬†I’m sure there’s a small percentage and I’m all for print some for the people that want them. ¬†But why are they mass producing them to throw them in people’s yards when 99% of them will go in the recycling bin, or worse yet, the trash? ¬†I find it funny (the¬†disturbing¬†kind) that they have a dumpster specifically for phone books. ¬† Continue reading

Mar 4 2011

stuff is not an investment [day 282]

I had an eBay business while I was doing freelance work several years ago. ¬†I started eBay for one simple reason. ¬†I sell my Syquest Sparq drive and cartridges. ¬†Back in the late 90’s, the Iomega Jaz drive was the industry standard for backing up you data. ¬†They were great, but they cost a lot of money. ¬†The drive was around $400 and the 1GB¬†cartridges were $100. ¬†I was really excited when Syquest came out the Sparq drive. ¬†You could get the drive for half the price of a Jaz and the¬†cartridges¬†were 3 for $100.¬†¬† I bought one the same week they came out on the market. ¬†They were running a design contest and the prize was 50 cartridges. ¬†Wow! ¬†With those I could get rid of all my 3.5 disks and a lot of my cd’s. ¬†To the drawing board! ¬†Digital, of course.

I entered 3 designs, and here’s the one that yielded me 50 of these amazing cartridges.

Yes, by today’s design standards, it’s lame, but it got me over $1,500 in digital¬†storage. ¬†Sweet! ¬†As one of my¬†friends¬†said back then, I had enough of these to tile a small room. ¬†That was all great until these drive started having big time issues. ¬†The company replaced my drive at one point, but I already knew these were not going to last. ¬†I joined eBay, sold off my new, unopened replacement drive and all of the cartridges for just under $2,000. ¬†Before ceasing my good eBay business, I had done over 5,000 transactions and at several points, was a power seller. Continue reading

Feb 28 2011

leave the light on, but also leave the coffee pot [day 278]

My friend Lauren posted this photo on her Facebook page last month. ¬†It’s her dead Mr. Coffee machine. ¬†I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many comments on a photo before. ¬†This very basic coffee machine lasted 10 years. ¬†Now that’s impressive. ¬†I found the comments interesting, and there’s a lot to learn here. ¬†Here’s most of the comments feed. ¬†No names though, as I must protect the identity of the world’s coffee addicts. ¬†ūüėČ

Get a Keurig….you will love it! Fast, easy and very little clean up!!

I’m laughing right now! RIP Mr. Coffee Maker!

Bahl Oh oh oh!! I have a one cup coffe maker (Senso) if you’re interested in it. I don’t use it any more…

So funny – I have a Krups that I know has to be 14 years old and I ask myself everyday how long it will last. It is a 4 cup one and I love it! RIP little coffee maker….

Get yourself a Keurig – We got one for Christmas – love it. Mostly b/c Scott is the coffee drink and I love iced tea (yes, it makes that), cider and hot chocolate. We can make it one right after the other and there’s no aftertaste from the previous drink. Can you tell we love it?!


I am so sorry for your loss. Poor guy rest in peace

It is a sad day when the coffee pot goes – we got a new Brew Station, but I kept the old one just in case.

I’m looking at that more closely now…did you steel that from a motel?? rofl

Wow! I think you got your moneys worth out of that one ; ) lol

Cuisinsrt Keurig! It does hot and cold coffee/tea!!! But, be warned… You will drink way more coffee…it’s just that good! (get the Donut House variety pack too!)

That does look like a hotel special

I LOVE my Keurig!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

Bahl SEE!!!! lmao…

That’s a great life! Get a Pasquini or anything that doesn’t use lots of tiny plastic cups to add to our landfills…

Motel 6 Leave the light on but also leave the cofee pot

Funny how we were all just talking coffee pots at church! I want a Keurig too, but can’t justify it with my handy dandy Cuisinart Grind and Brew.

I would say you got your money’s worth! And I think it is exciting ……there are so many cool coffee makers out there!!

Just got a Kureg (sp?) and I love, love, love it. Never really drank coffee much and now I am an addicted, shaking, nervous wreck, drinker now!!! Hee!

I want a Keurig too but mine is still going strong… I wait. Hopefully when mine goes a Keurig will be $20.00! I hope I don’t have to wait 9 years!

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your old friend! I have a spare Senseo (single cup coffee maker, kinda like Keurig) that you are welcome to. I LOVE love love mine… comes with an eco-friendly reusable pod thingy that you can fill with your favorite coffee – so no buying special things to go in it.

Those are great, I’ve used them before. I got my friend a Keurig machine at the thrift store for $4.99. :)

my spare Senseo came from freecycle, in like-new condition! :)

Awesome!!! I just got a modern lamp on freecycle this morning. If you’re not in a hurry, it’s great. Lauren, just “borrow” another machine from the motel until we can find you an environmentally friendly, free machine. LOL

Can I use this pic on my blog? :)

I am cracking up! Never dreamed this photo would warrant so many comments…ha! It was a faithful appliance… Before I saw all these comments and recommendations I was out last night and got another little 4 cupper…not fancy, but functional…and sad to say–I believe it looks even MORE like it came from a Motel 6 b/c it’s black. :) Will post a pic.

First of all, kudos to Lauren for using this little guy until its death. ¬†She could have easily upgraded since there are many coffee brewers on the market now. ¬†This good guy, Mr. Coffee, is not sleek looking, he doesn’t have any fancy features, he doesn’t accept any plastic pods and he certainly doesn’t look high tech sitting on your kitchen counter. ¬†Mr. Coffee does however brew a good pot of coffee. ¬†He does his job, he does it well, just without all the fancy bells and whistles. ¬†Mr. Coffee is a simple guy, dependable, not complicated like some of his current friends. ¬†Too bad Mr. Coffee is dead because I might date him.

It’s funny how we all responded to this, imposing our favorite coffee maker info and suggestions. ¬†How is Lauren to decide? ¬†It seems like the Keurig has a lot of votes. ¬†If she’s looking for longevity, this is not it. ¬†I’ve never seen one of these that lasted more than a couple of years, and with a price tag of $150, that’s not a good return on investment. ¬†I can honestly say, every one I have ever touched is either dead now or on its way. ¬†And to spare you the soapbox talk, let me just say all those plastic cups are not good for the environment, and probably not our health either. ¬†The Keurig is like a flashy movie star. ¬†They look good on TV, but would you really want to live with them?

The Senseo machine still has the ease of the pods, but not plastic ones, and the machines last a long time. ¬†It looks as though he’ll bend over backwards (or forward) to make you a good cup of coffee. ¬†Less expensive too. ¬†This guy looks good, probably works out regularly and I bet he would go dumpster diving with me. ¬†I can tell he’s into art too.

Krups and Cuisinart were also mentioned, but I don’t know much about those. ¬†I’m the one that made the Pasquini comment. ¬†You can read my cost analysis and purchase info on that, as it was a tough, yet easy decision.

So what did Lauren buy?

Another simple Mr. Coffee. ¬†We can learn a lot from Lauren. ¬†I didn’t get all of the details on how she arrived at this decision, but it’s a good one. ¬†Oh, the paradox of choice. ¬†So much to choose from, yet sometimes the best choice is simplicity. ¬†:)

Feb 23 2011

I found a psycho guy in my garage [day 273]



This cleaning and purging job took about 4 full days. ¬†Not bad since it’s been in there for 4 years. ¬†Heck, I could even park my car in the garage if I wanted to. ¬†I gave away several car loads of stuff to the thrift store and had my driveway filled, and I mean the whole thing, for freecyclers to pick up. ¬†I still have a long way to go on the “garage minimalist” approach, but I sure have made significant progress.

Here’s the deal. ¬†Most people, including myself, can get help or clean an area like this by¬†themselves, but how do we maintain it? ¬†I’ve cleaned out my garage several times and it always ends up looking like the before pictures within weeks. ¬†The difference this time? ¬†I got rid of a lot of stuff and I have a new minimalist outlook on this whole thing. ¬†I might like stuff, but knowing the stress associated with it, the high cost and the gridlock factor, I can let go. ¬†Even if it’s just a few things at a time, the process is in motion and will stay that way.

Here’s one little guy I’m keeping, as I found him in my garage this week. ¬†He’s been hidden away for 4 years. ¬†He’s broken and he’s part of my weird stuff collection. ¬†He’s a vintage Kreiss Psycho Pottery piece from the 60’s. ¬†He¬†depicts¬†how I feel when I’m in gridlock with too much crap in my house. ¬†I need to prominently display him where I see him everyday, reminding my that life is not about collecting a bunch of stuff, but about the people in our lives.

Would anyone out there like to name this little guy?

Feb 21 2011

where did all this stuff come from? [day 271]

I spent a few hours yesterday in my garage, again. ¬†I’m making progress and getting rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need, or even want for that matter. ¬†So this begs the bigger question. ¬†Where in the world did all of this stuff come from and why do I have so much?

Space. Maybe it’s because I downsized from 3,300 to 1,780 square feet, but that was 4 years ago. ¬†I took everything from my old house because I could, everything but the furniture. ¬†It wasn’t my style, so I gladly left it. ¬†The photo is of my ‘formal’ living room in the old house. ¬†A useless room that was used once a year at Christmas time. ¬†I loved the red walls, but I couldn’t take those. ¬†I hated the coffee table so much, I listed it in the divorce decree as the ‘ugly coffee table’ that he could keep.

I’m realizing the I don’t need this much stuff to live or to be happy. ¬†I don’t need to keep a lot, I don’t need to buy a lot and I don’t need to pack every inch of my house with stuff. ¬†My neighbor saw my master bedroom closet and said it’s the smallest she’s ever seen. ¬†It’s small, but it’s only about 1/3 filled, and that’s with the shelf I took out. ¬†Empty space is good. ¬†I want more of it.

Personal attachment. I don’t have many of these items. ¬†Some would say it’s because my heart is 2 sizes too small. ¬†It could be. ¬†I do keep a few things. ¬†My kids each have one plastic tote in the attic. ¬†I place items in there that are meaningful to them like their¬†favorite¬†outgrown toys or art projects. ¬†I kept one thing from my grandma, her turquoise blue double boiler pan. ¬†Useful, and it reminds me of her cooking french toast for me when I visited. ¬†It’s about the memories with a person, not the stuff. Continue reading