Feb 7 2011

playing catch-up [day 254]

I’m 3 days behind on blogging.  Some may call them excuses, some may call them reasons.  Either way, here they are.

Ice storm. Having my kids at home for 4 days…  I don’t think I need to explain that one further.

Internet down. I had one day with no internet access.

I moved. Not across the street, like my Super Bowl evite said, but I moved everything in my house.  I hired someone to paint all of my baseboards and trim.  That’s just like moving, everything out, everything in.

Well, that pretty much sums it up.  I will get caught up today, as I have many trash society findings to share.  :)

Jul 19 2010

when do you leave? [day 53]

This is a photo story from an abandoned house I visited yesterday.  Yes, sadly, trash society includes houses.  I do love to take photos in abandoned houses, as all of them have an untold story.

It’s like reading a suspenseful book, but being right there in it.

When does it become a good idea to throw away your house?

Oh, the thrill of spotting a potentially abandoned house.  They mystery begins…

What do you leave behind?  Food?


Trash?  They must have had some kids like mine.  The trash doesn’t go out until I’ve asked at least 23 times.


Photos?  This is the most surprising to me.  I have been in many of these houses and the majority of them have family photos left behind.

It makes me happy that they didn’t leave any toilet paper.  :)

Is this the end?  It’s the end of this photo story, but is it the end of throwing away houses?  No.  Many of these houses are structurally sound and with a little work, could be livable.  How could we pair up the homeless population with abandoned houses, without locking them out and calling their habitation ‘squatting’?  I know, it’s a crazy dream, but don’t all dreams start that way?