Dec 2 2010

holiday trash-tweet tips from Excessable Christmas [flashback]

These are some fun, funny, odd and disturbing holiday tweets from last year, published in my book Excessable Christmas.  The book is still available for sale on Blurb.  Book details:

ISBN: yeah, not so much.  Self published and I’m not famous… yet.

Price: $26.95 + shipping.  From me, $26.00 and I’ll pay for the shipping. **All book proceeds go to Casa Hogar Elim**

Softcover: 120 full color pages (like I would ever do black and white)

Language: English, I think.

Book Dimensions: Square, I like squares, 7″ x 7″

Tweet Tips

SUPPORT SMALL BIZ: purchase gifts at local discount & hole-in-the-wall stores #shopsmart

look 4 ‘symmetrical hazy plastic people nativity scene with flying peanuts’ in ur area. #sillyyardart #fun

appreciate retail workers, be nice to them, retail sucks during the holidays #benice #putawayanitemoffthefloor

use fb for ur christmas card nxt yr. it’s the card that gives all yr long! #facebookrocks #holidaysmadebyhallmark

there’s no $ in reindeer games. dasher & donner r unemployed. #reindeerjobs #recession

i hope santa delivers basic necessities to those in need. #besanta #volunteer #helppeopleinneed #ursanta

pause in ur busyness and make a phone call 2 someone u haven’t talked to in a while. #justcall #uhaverolloverminutes

stop & talk with an impoverished person. buy them lunch & learn their story. meet tom: #listen

his sign said he was broke and hungry. aren’t we all? matt 22:37-40 #homeless #impoverished

the most important christmas icon of all is jesus, and I don’t mean the plastic one. @embracechaos   Continue reading

Aug 11 2010

I wanted to shop [day 73]

Yes, I wanted to shop, but hear me out.

I was packing to go to Casa Hogar Elim a few days ago, knowing our project was the teen girl’s dorm.  The Harrell’s organized the whole project and Hannah chose all the colors and decor for the dorm.  They sent me photos of the stuff they bought and I wanted to go shopping and add to it.  I love decorating and doing anything artsy, especially when it’s for a bunch of great kids!  The girls at CHE work very hard with taking care of the little kids, laundry, dishes and lots of other chores.  They deserve a nice space of their own.  I did not shop, but I was able to do some other things.

I did some painting embellishments and some of the girls helped me in making tissue paper art for the walls.  The walls there are concrete, so hanging a picture is a lot of work.  Screws, anchors, drills and a big mess… yes, paint and paper is the way to go!  All of the supplies used were sitting in my garage, so no shopping required.  :)  Check out the photos below.

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Aug 6 2010

off to mexico [day 70 & 71]

I’m so looking forward to my mission trip to Mexico in a few days.  I’m going to Casa Hoagr Elim again, and it’s always an amazing experience.  It got me thinking about my no shopping challenge.

When I go shopping in Nuevo Laredo, it’s always for groceries and supplies for CHE.  Although they do have a lot of the major retailers there, we shop at the Soriana.  It’s similar to a Kmart I guess, but the bakery is awesome!  I’ve been to the WalMart and Home Depot down there too, but they’re quite a drive and stuff costs a lot.  The Home Depot does give out free paint brushes when you buy paint and you gotta love that!  All we get here are some free stir sticks.

Retail is very different in Mexico, yet has many similarities.  I thought you might enjoy a photo tour of commerce in Nuevo Laredo.

I didn’t see Mary Kay, but this Avon ad was on the electric meter outside a house.

There’s some interesting products down there that I haven’t seen here.  This is Gorilla Snot hair gel.  Yes, I bought some last year and my kids love it because they can tell other kids they have gorilla snot in their hair.  Holds really well too.  Maybe I’ll use this on my dreads next time.

This is like our 7-11, although my ‘friends’ told me this was the porn place.  Yes, I fell for it momentarily.

This is the side of a store front in the colinas, and area where there’s no electricity or running water.

I haven’t ever stopped here, but I love the roofing material.  Old printed tarps from billboards.  How cool is that?

I love going down to Mexico.  More on this after my trip.  :)

Jan 10 2010

excessable christmas

Excessable Christmas is a recent self-published book from blogging the 25 days of Christmas on  This book highlights the excess in our society and the Christmas consumerism, with a quirky twist.  You can preview and or purchase this book at Blurb.  All proceeds will go to Casa Hogar Elim orphanage in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  :)