Mar 28 2011

the affects of effects [day 306]

It starts when we’re born.  Accessories.  “My daddy is the best” and “My mom is better than your mom” on our shirts, iconic pacifiers, hair bows in more styles and colors than Baskin Robbins has flavors, complete ensembles of coordinated clothing, all in large quantities.  When did babies become fashion statements?  Aren’t they cute enough already?  I see a lot of people talking to parents with small babies and hearing more compliments about the clothing than the kid wearing them.

It continues through adolescence, expanding to toys and games.  I have boys (thank you God) that don’t care much about fashion and will probably need future therapy for their lack of stylish clothing options.  They do however have accessories.  They have Nintendo DS’s that have lots of games, a universal charger, a fancy light sabre stylus and headphones, all packed inside a custom case.  Society says, “You need more” and we respond by buying more.

Into adulthood now, and I’m not exempt from this.  I might not have a lot of fancy, trendy clothing but I do have some nice things in my house.  Most from eBay, craigslist and thrift stores, but nevertheless, lots of things.  Accessories.  I have decorative things that serve no purpose other than to sit there and look nice.  Now I’m an artist of sorts, so this is an important topic.  I love to create things, but with a purpose.  Much of my art is chaotic, but has meaning and purpose behind it.  The vase sitting on my shelf, not so much.  I’ve been sucked into the American vortex of more is better.  I created this photograph several years ago.  This has many meaning for many people, but I see it as how we become background fixtures in the sea of stuff we own.

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Sep 23 2010

an ipad or an xbox 360? [day 119]

I went to the store yesterday… for my son.  My oldest lost his Gameboy charger and has been begging me for the past few days to take him to Game Stop so he could buy a new one.  He knew he would have to pay for it with his own money.  He looked around the store at the games after looking for a used charger.  There were no used ones, so we waited in line to ask for a new one.

Meanwhile, my youngest son was looking around the store.  He has been saving his money for an iPad, and has saved over $200.  This kid loves to spend money, but he does think a lot about purchases before he makes them.  Both of the boys have wanted an Xbox 360 since they came out, however we still have our old one.  His thought process?  I have to save $300 more for an iPad or I could buy a used Xbox 360 now.  He looked around at the systems and games a while longer. Continue reading