Dec 8 2010

swept under the rug… and sofa, and table, and bed, and… [day 195]

There’s no possible way any household vacuum cleaner could possibly suck up all the crap on our floors.  It begs the question, “Why do we have so much little stuff and where did it come from?”

First of all, Spongebob seems to be everywhere in our house.  This pile is only the upstairs sweep, as I didn’t even make it downstairs yet.  Yes, I know, it’s a little weird to share my dirt pile, but it does make you think, right?  It’s like trash I Spy or trash art.  Where’s Waldo maybe?  He’s about the only thing that’s not in here.  This motivates me to get rid of more stuff.

Oh, and a quick tip:  When you clean the house, it’s good to put away the vacuum cleaner instead of leaving it next to your bed.  In the morning, it looks like someone standing over you.  :0

Jul 15 2010

batteries needed [day 49]

My son, Cole, needed 2 AAA batteries for the remote control at the church.  With all of the equipment we have up there that require batteries, nothing requires that size.  After we had lunch, I told him I would stop at the store if he wanted to go in by himself and purchase batteries with his allowance.  At first he said, “No!  I’m not Joe, I can’t go in there alone.”  Once he realized that was his only way to get the batteries, he decided to go in.

He had $6.00 cash and went inside.  Joe, his little brother, says, “Mom, I better go in and check on him.  He’s probably crying or something.”  I told him no, and that his brother could handle this.  He came out without the batteries to ask for more money.  I gave him a few extra dollars and he went back in.  He came out this time with the pack of batteries.

He laid them on the seat in the car and I noticed they were AA batteries.  When I told him that, he said, “No mom, there’s AA and AAA in the package.  I chose this pack because it had what I needed and it was the cheapest one.  The other packs were all over $8.00 and this pack was only $6.79.”  I might have actually had a tear in my eye at that moment.  And I might mention here that he had no plastic bag.  :)