Oct 1 2010

I bought a bunch of stuff [day 127]

I went to the thrift store a couple of days ago.  I really didn’t need anything but winter coats for my boys, but I was also kind of looking for a chair for my kids loft room.  I bought the following:

  • Winter coat for my son (he outgrew the old one)
  • Winter coat for me (with pockets, as my last one had none)
  • Sleeping bag (we all need one for mission trips, the boys outgrew theirs)
  • 2 folding chairs (for my front porch because my neighbors and I sit outside while the kids play)
  • Electric guitar and amp (birthday gift for Joe)
  • Cloth napkins (I don’t use paper towels much around here)
  • Throw pillow (for the kids loft room)

I spent about $85 for all of this.  If I had paid retail, it would have been around $400. Continue reading