Mar 15 2011

weird stuff collection [minimalist challenge item #26]

[item] Items from my weird stuff collection

[purchase info] Mostly purchased from thrift stores

[time in my possession] Approximately 3 years

[last used] 1 year ago

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Medium

[destination] Freecycle

[info] I like my collection of weird stuff.  The vintage Humpty Dumpty came from a Gattlinburg thrift store, some of the Christmas ornaments were purchased new.  I just got tired of the clutter and having to clean and dust this stuff all the time.  I kept some pieces, but not a lot.

Oct 30 2010

I spy [day 156]

I’m working on a video and 2 fun photo shoots today.  Creative downtime!  In making the video, I’m using props I already have or borrowing from the neighbors.  I’m glad they still answer the door when I’m the one ringing the bell.

Today, just a little fun… collecting digital stuff.  I spy images, made about 7 or 8 years ago, using pics from the web.  Mostly eBay.  Have fun with them.  I have Christmas sets and lots of other themes that I will post sometime.


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Jul 2 2010

the challenge: day 35 & 36 [ed's stuff]

Okay, I had a desire to shop, but at a really fun little place on the side of the road.  As Elizabeth calls Ed’s Stuff, “…it’s the little place that looks like a lot of yards sales threw up on the front lawn.”  Ed is nice, not like the last cool place I found to stop.  Here’s what’s posted on his front door:

He’s very trusting, as many places I’ve seen would not do this.  Quite honestly, I love it and it makes me want to buy something “after hours” so I can drop my money in the box.  He’s also ‘green’, which is very important.  Inside the store, there are things that most people probably wouldn’t think twice about discarding into a trash bin.  He had a pile of toilet wax rings for sale, which I’m assuming were there because he salvaged them from a dumpster or something.  The boxes were in bad shape, but the merchandise was just fine.  If I need to reset my toilet in the next 11 months, at least I know where to go.

I love browsing through the random stuff and could have stayed there for hours… but on to new adventures, without shopping.  :)