Feb 2 2011

where is she? [day 251]

I still need to get rid of some of my clothing.  I downsized by 50% a few weeks ago, but there’s still a few more pieces I could part with.  I was thinking about the clothing again after a short trip I took recently.

I went house hunting last Sunday, no, not to buy one, but to look for an abandoned house.  I’m part of a photo group that goes to small towns looking for abandoned houses, vacant buildings, old vehicles or anything else that has been left to deteriorate and wither away.  We’re never disappointed.  This last trip to Krum, Texas produced an abandoned house, a school bus, a fire truck and a semi truck, among other things.  The abandoned houses are always left full of stuff, but the things that surprise me the most is the clothing and the photographs left behind.  Who leaves a house without taking these things?

Just to give you an idea, this was the living room, going into the kitchen.

These are pics of the clothing left behind.

The nightgown still hanging on the back of the door…

I always wonder what the story is, but have yet to find one.  I’m led to look at the artifacts, ponder the possibilities and create my own fictional tale.

It’s dusk, the daylight slowly fading away.  The stuffed pig is sad, waiting patiently for the missing woman that should be coming home now.  After a long bath, she will put on the flowered gown.  Where is she?  Rarely is she late.  What was that?  A sound, followed with silence.  Silence that has turned to deafness over the years.  Still waiting.  It’s dusk.  Where is she?

Dec 1 2010

you know they're good friends when they let you dive in their trash bin [day 189]

I was at my friend’s house finishing up a painting project when I noticed she had cleaned out the garage.  Upon opening the garage door, I also noticed a truck full of junk.  Now this is an invitation for me at anyone’s house.

First, let me say that if I really did this in my garage, I could fill up 4 of these trucks… one alone with paint.  I have made so many trips to the thrift store to donate things I don’t need that I can’t even claim it all on my taxes without itemizing it, which by the way, I’m not doing.  So was there any good stuff in the truck?  Not a lot, but yes.  I got a grill pan and a 5 gallon bucket I needed.  There were a few things that could go to the thrift store.

I did rummage through a bag of small toys and a few other things.  Just to make my point clear, we all have the things I’m about to show in some trashograms, my friends here are just being good and clearing out the clutter.  My point in showing this as art is to visually show our shopping habits and thought processes when making purchases, even the small ones.  Some small changes would mean less waste and less clutter.  If we have less stuff, there’s nothing to pick up, although I would have to find something new to harass my kids with.  Here we go…

Tiny plastic things. We all love tiny plastic toys if we’re over 3 years old and they don’t pose a choking hazard.  Plastic clutter comes in the form of toys, kid’s meals, impulse items in retail stores and are advertised this time of year as stocking stuffers.

What’s under your tree?  Is it things people want or is it things that will create more clutter in your house?  I purposely shaped the beads into an infinity symbol because it seems never ending.  Forget the crayon melting machines, maybe we need to have is a plastic melting machine so we can take all the tiny plastic toys and mold them into new and useful things.  Okay, so it’s a toxic idea, but probably only in California.  Maybe I’ll use this image for my Christmas card?  Oh yeah, I don’t send cards.   Continue reading

Oct 28 2010

I was targeted [day 154]

I had to go to Target to allow my son to exchange a birthday gift he received.  I put it off for a few weeks, but I needed to get it done.  I had to pick up a few groceries, and Target is a place where I could get both things done.

Of all the retail stores, I probably like Target best.  Honestly speaking here, I think it’s because they have stuff I like, but in every color imaginable.  I caught myself looking around and liking some of the things I saw, and I even thought about what it might be like to make a purchase.  Once I processed the thoughts through my ‘no retail shopping for a good reason’ filter, the items I thought about didn’t seem too appealing anymore.

Targeted. It’s almost halloween and here’s a new item you can get.  Themed halloween nutcrackers.  If they sell great at Christmas time, let’s make them for all holidays!  Wow.  I didn’t even buy a pumpkin this year.

Merrily targeted. I’m trying to teach my kids to save their money, and if they do spend it, to spend it wisely.  Does anyone else find this hard to do when every single thing in our society teaches impulse spending and that more stuff makes you successful?  Well, here’s your solution.  Save merrily with $10 Christmas themed piggy banks.  Candy cane pigs, reindeer pigs, elf pigs, ornament pigs and if you want to hear your child scream, get the satanic looking santa pig.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who leaves Christmas stuff out year round.  So does the money get stored away with the Christmas decorations?

I’ll merrily pass on this one.  They’re cute, but I see it as more clutter.  If it encourages your kids to save money, then this might be a good use of $10 though.  :)