Mar 8 2011

dumpster surfing [day 286]

I dropped off several bags at the Goodwill trailer, and the only logical exit is to drive behind the shopping center.  It’s a strip mall with a grocery store, a couple of restaurants and lots of small mom and pop type stores.  As we were driving around back to head home, I saw a bunch of clothes thrown in front of a dumpster.  I’m really not sure why the person that threw them out there didn’t place them in the dumpster, but I decided before I eve got out of the car that these needed to be used, not end up in a landfill.

Now don’t get me wrong, had any of these been my size or anything I needed, I would have taken them.  I guess instead of dumpster diving, we could call this dumpster surfing.  My son who was with me was not all that impressed that we were going to pick these up and take them back to the Goodwill trailer.  He reluctantly helped me load them in the car.  It didn’t take long, and the clothes were all in good condition.  At least they won’t be in a landfill.

I’m guessing these were rejects from the Plato’s Closet store in the strip mall.  Anyway, they found a good place.  Surfing is good.

Sep 10 2010

second-hand stuff [day 107]

My boyfriend bought me a sweater from Plato’s Closet a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t think to try it on because I was familiar with the brand and it was my size.  The person that owned it before me must have washed it and dried it (high maintenance sweater) because I couldn’t even get my arm in the sleeve.

I needed to return it, but I didn’t have the receipt and with this being a second-hand store, what is their return policy going to be?  I brought it back yesterday.  They not only took it back for a store credit, but it was no hassle and the employees were extremely nice.

I’m happy to know there are retail stores that deal in second-hand merchandise that operate with fair policies and good customer service.  I exchanged the sweater for a sweatshirt and a shirt.  It was a pleasurable shopping experience, and within my shopping criteria of second-hand, or that word everyone hates… “used”.

What second-hand stores do you shop?  Here’s a few of my favs:

  • Plato’s Closet – It’s a good place for the trendier name brand stuff, probably good if you’re shopping for a special occasion, as thrift stores can have a lot more not-so-trendy stuff to weed through.  This is a business, not a non-profit.
  • Half Price Books – Again, a for profit company, but they keep a lot of books in circulation and out of landfills.
  • Frisco Resale – The store is small, but they do a great job with the space they do have.  All proceeds go to Frisco Family Services.
  • CCA – These are in The Colony and Lewisville.  The stores are huge and they have some great stuff.  The money goes to helping many cities in the North Dallas area.

There are many more in the area, these are just a few that I frequent.