Feb 8 2011

$9.99 for some little plastic sticks [day 258]

It would be easy for me to look at this and say, “I’m in the wrong business…”, but you can’t say that when you work for a church. ┬á­čśë ┬áI took this photo of a package of Nintendo Rainbow Styluses at Game Stop a couple of weeks ago. ┬áIt’s just plastic sticks, no computer chips or fancy artwork, just little plastic sticks with a fancy name… “stylus”. ┬áNo, we didn’t buy them, and although my kids loose them all the time, they didn’t need them. ┬áThis is the only price option to replace your lost stylus, and you can’t just buy one, you have to buy a whole package.

These rank right up there with cereal straws…

Dec 29 2010

a year in pictures [day 216]

Honestly, some of these might be more than a year old, but they’re all the same, year after year… lots of stuff. ┬áMost of these were taken in abandoned places, houses, farms, buildings, vehicles, you name it. ┬áNo matter where I go with my camera, I always find lots of stuff to shoot. ┬áThere’s something about each place that intrigues me, saddens me, excites me and disappoints me. ┬áTake a look.