Feb 22 2011

a smart shopper [day 272]

I was asked last night if I ever shopped like a real woman.  I’m not quite sure how I should take that…  Yes?  At least I think so, from what I’ve studied about them.  😉  Seriously, my shopping habits are more like a man.  I have an easier time buying a $500 TV than a $50 pair of jeans.  Big ticket items just seem like more value for the money, I suppose.

In the past, I would go to the superstore places and buy things I didn’t need, buying them only because I liked them.  I never thought long term about them, much of the stuff ending up on eBay or in a thrift store.  I also loved shopping in thrift stores, but I would buy things just because I liked it a little bit, but it was a great deal.  Again, much of this went back to the thrift store.  I would sometimes want to redo a room in the house, and I would go buy things for that room, usually making the Ross-Marshall’s-TJ Maxx-Tuesday Morning run.

This is the only explanation of how I accumulated so much stuff.  In the future, I hope my shopping habits aren’t defined as “shopping like a woman” or “spending like a guy”, but as being a smart shopper.  Maybe this will be the one time people can call me smart without following that word with a smaller 3 letter word.  😉

Oct 20 2010

imadomainnamehoarder.com [day 146]

I think I’m a hoarder.  I hoard domain names.  I love to .communicate on the web! I own 25 domain names, 4 of them belong to my friends and 2 belong to my kids.  I get ideas for blogs and businesses all the time and the first thing I do is check for a domain na.me.

I do get most of these on sale and if I don’t end up doing anything with it, I don’t renew the following year.  Okay, maybe I’m not a hoarder, but I do purchase domain names without giving much thought to it.  It doesn’t cost .me too much money, but I hate to think I have a good idea, but miss the opportunity to have a great name for .it.

At least with domains, I’m not collecting a lot of stuff, physically anyway.  And I recently looked for .info on selling domain names.  Now I have a few of my un.used names for sale.  I’m always going to be on the inter.net so I need to stay .organized, .educated, create a budget and plan my purchases.  .it will .be better if I .am saving money and .using the na.mes I already have.  😉