Dec 29 2010

a year in pictures [day 216]

Honestly, some of these might be more than a year old, but they’re all the same, year after year… lots of stuff.  Most of these were taken in abandoned places, houses, farms, buildings, vehicles, you name it.  No matter where I go with my camera, I always find lots of stuff to shoot.  There’s something about each place that intrigues me, saddens me, excites me and disappoints me.  Take a look.

Jun 6 2010

the challenge: day 11 [shopping, parties & second-hand stuff]

Still no desire to shop… although it has only been 11 days.  The nice thing about this is that I have a little bit more money in my account than I usually do.  Not a lot, but a noticeable amount.

The boys were invited to a birthday party and we had to buy a gift.  Well that’s a challenge since most 8 year olds really don’t want food or toiletries as a gift.  😉  The one place I said from the beginning, where we could shop that has no groceries or toiletries, is Half Price Books.  After much discussion with my kids, we decided it was a good idea to make a trip to the book store.

We brainstormed some good ideas for gifts that did not include shopping, but my kids weren’t very fond of most of the ideas.  My goal with the challenge is to force myself to be creative in finding ways to cover my needs, to want less and to set an example for my kids that we just don’t need a lot of stuff as modeled but our society.  My kids, although somewhat reluctant at first, participated in brainstorming many ideas.  (Cole even recorded some while we were in the car)

We ended up getting John a Spiderman comic book, a gift card for Half Price Books and put it all in a kids style green bag.  I believe this was a win-win.  My kids came up with ways to do things a little differently.  Instead of just buying a gift with no thought behind it, they came up with some meaningful gift ideas and did some problem solving as well.  I got to brainstorm with my kids, still stay within my challenge guidelines and we found a gift that was socially acceptable.  (my goal was not to embarrass my kids, although sometimes that is a nice bonus)  John got three gifts: the comic book was chosen by the boys specifically for John.  They had decided on this gift before we ever got to the store.  Although I’m not a huge fan of gift cards, this seemed like a good opportunity for one.  John can choose what he likes, at a place that encourages reading, discount pricing and pre-owned books.  And don’t forget the green bag!  A kid friendly one that could have many uses.

Even though we stayed within the guidelines, I still feel like we went shopping.  :(  Your thoughts?

Here are the videos from Cole’s Flip.  :)

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