Feb 8 2011

$9.99 for some little plastic sticks [day 258]

It would be easy for me to look at this and say, “I’m in the wrong business…”, but you can’t say that when you work for a church. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†I took this photo of a package of Nintendo Rainbow Styluses at Game Stop a couple of weeks ago. ¬†It’s just plastic sticks, no computer chips or fancy artwork, just little plastic sticks with a fancy name… “stylus”. ¬†No, we didn’t buy them, and although my kids loose them all the time, they didn’t need them. ¬†This is the only price option to replace your lost stylus, and you can’t just buy one, you have to buy a whole package.

These rank right up there with cereal straws…

Jan 27 2011

surrounded by plastic [day 247]

Today, just a small collection of odd photos.  These remind me of a joke told by Steven Wright a long time ago.  He says he owns two rare photos, one of Norman Rockwell beating a child and one of Whodini locking his keys in his car.

Photo #1: Protecting the plastic

Seriously?  We need to wrap the plastic recycling bins in plastic sheets, and then place that wastefulness in a box?  What exactly is the purpose of the plastic wrap?  Maybe they did that so we would have something to place in our new recycling bins.

Photo #2: Surrounded

This is an old photo, taken in a motel room on our way to Mexico. ¬†Did I really need a Starbucks latte that bad? ¬†I have my own travel cups, but instead of bringing one I wasted a waxed paper cup, a plastic lid, a cardboard hugger thing and a plastic keep-your-coffee-from-spilling stick. ¬†My roommate had a plastic bag sitting behind the coffee, and all of this sitting next to a plastic sign saying “save our planet”. ¬†It’s a sign to place on the bed if you don’t want them to wash the sheets. ¬†I wanted to place it on the bed, but we were only there one night, and I’m guessing the next guest would appreciate them being washed.

Photo #3: Sustainable styrofoam?

Wow. ¬†What were these marketing people thinking? ¬†Sustainably grown coffee, a beautiful story of how they’re helping the environment, all neatly packaged in a styrofoam cup. ¬†My friend took this photo while traveling on an airplane. ¬†Not like there’s a lot of choices at 32,000 feet above the earth.

These photos are just a few reminders of our disposable society. ¬†How long will it be before our planet looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie? ¬†No, I don’t mean the fun¬†futuristic¬†ones where we all own spaceships, wear silver clothing and have intergalactic space travel. ¬†I mean the ones where people are trying to survive because there’s nothing left. ¬†Yes, this might sound extreme, but is it?

Dec 8 2010

swept under the rug… and sofa, and table, and bed, and… [day 195]

There’s no possible way any household vacuum cleaner could possibly suck up all the crap on our floors. ¬†It begs the question, “Why do we have so much little stuff and where did it come from?”

First of all, Spongebob seems to be everywhere in our house. ¬†This pile is only the upstairs sweep, as I didn’t even make it downstairs yet. ¬†Yes, I know, it’s a little weird to share my dirt pile, but it does make you think, right? ¬†It’s like trash I Spy or trash art. ¬†Where’s Waldo maybe? ¬†He’s about the only thing that’s not in here. ¬†This motivates me to get rid of more stuff.

Oh, and a quick tip: ¬†When you clean the house, it’s good to put away the vacuum cleaner instead of leaving it next to your bed. ¬†In the morning, it looks like someone standing over you. ¬†:0