Jan 19 2011

the clothing experiment update [day 237]

Here’s the experiment.  I decided to reduce my wardrobe by 50%.  I also threw out a mini-challenge.  Take 25 pieces of clothing from your closet, place them in a box or plastic tote.  Put it away for a month and see if you miss any of the stuff in it.  If not, take it to the thrift store.  If so, take out the item(s) you missed.  Here are some updates.

50% reduction

I still have a long way to go on achieving a 50% wardrobe reduction.  I’m close, but I still need to purge some more stuff.  I went through my drawers and got rid of about 40% of that.  I need to make my 2nd and 3rd passes there.  I also had 2 loads of dirty laundry that were not included.  I didn’t count the pieces, but just guessing, I need to get rid of about 75-100 more pieces.  I’ll do that later in the week.

my boys did the mini challenge

I had both of my kids pull 25 clothing items out of their closets.

My youngest, 10, has some emotional attachments to his clothing, and to stuff he’s never even worn. Wow, we all start this process early. He has a lot of hand-me-downs that he intends to wear. The process was not easy for him.

My oldest, 11, is way pickier than I thought. I learned a lot about him in the process. He hates yellow and thinks it makes him look like a clown. He won’t wear anything with a collar. He had a lot of clothes in the back of his closet that were too small, and some clean laundry. I thought he had a lot of clothes, but he doesn’t because his brother, being the same size, has hoarded them all.

50 pieces of clothing is going to the resale shop.  And my boys? They feel good about it. It’s easier to keep their rooms clean.

others taking the challenge

I have gotten some great responses to the mini-challenge.  Besides the several people doing it, here’s some great feedback.   Continue reading

Aug 11 2010

I wanted to shop [day 73]

Yes, I wanted to shop, but hear me out.

I was packing to go to Casa Hogar Elim a few days ago, knowing our project was the teen girl’s dorm.  The Harrell’s organized the whole project and Hannah chose all the colors and decor for the dorm.  They sent me photos of the stuff they bought and I wanted to go shopping and add to it.  I love decorating and doing anything artsy, especially when it’s for a bunch of great kids!  The girls at CHE work very hard with taking care of the little kids, laundry, dishes and lots of other chores.  They deserve a nice space of their own.  I did not shop, but I was able to do some other things.

I did some painting embellishments and some of the girls helped me in making tissue paper art for the walls.  The walls there are concrete, so hanging a picture is a lot of work.  Screws, anchors, drills and a big mess… yes, paint and paper is the way to go!  All of the supplies used were sitting in my garage, so no shopping required.  :)  Check out the photos below.

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