Feb 14 2011

I’m the ugly neighbor [day 263]

I know my neighbors must cringe when they drive by garage when the door is open.  I’m clearly the ugly neighbor.  Since I’ve been downsizing in the cold weather, everything was pitched out into the garage, in anticipation of some warm weather to get everything to the appropriate places.  Where are those places?  Anywhere but a landfill… the thrift store, the food pantry, craigslist, and last but not least, freecycle.

I needed to not only get the stuff out, but I needed to find one specific can of paint in the vast mountains of paint cans in my garage.  Well, after pulling all the paint out onto the driveway in preparation to give it away, I could not find the one can I needed for my kitchen ceiling.  Seriously?

I didn’t count, but I know there was well over 100 cans of paint.  I got rid of 99% of what I had.  I really wanted to do something fun and creative in the process of getting it out of my garage, but I found myself in gridlock, paralyzed by the sheer amont of stuff in my garage.  There’s just no time to creatively get rid of my stuff, so I started placing all of it on the driveway and listing it on freecycle as I cleaned it out.  About 80% of the stuff is gone already, in less than a day.

I collected coats, blankets, food and miscellaneous stuff from friends an neighbors to donate to the homeless and impoverished.  All of that is in my car and will be delivered to the appropriate destinations today.  It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Less stuff feels good.  And just so I’m not tempted to collect more junk, I gave away the shelving unit that I cleared off yesterday.  No empty shelves to refill, just nice, clean empty s p  a     c         e.   Continue reading

Jul 28 2010

cleaning the garage [day 62]

Let me start by saying I’m not posting a photo of my garage.  It would scare people.  I did decide to start cleaning it.  I do this process about once a year, but I’m pretty sure that the stuff is multiplying like rabbits.  My house isn’t too big (other than the energy wasting high ceilings) so I really don’t have room for an art studio.  I decided yesterday if I cleaned out my garage enough, it could work as useable space.  If we only had basements here!

It’s ridiculous how much stuff I have.  Being an artist, I see everything as a blank canvas.  I do mean EVERYTHING.  I got a good portion of it cleaned out and sent an entire truckload to Frisco Resale.  About three more truckloads and I should be set.

I will keep you posted on the progress, as this will be a long term thing.  My goal is to have it done by the time the weather cools off.  Done, meaning cleaned, organized and painted.  Looks like I have plenty of time to do it, lots of hot weather ahead.  :)

Is your garage a ‘catch all’?