Feb 20 2011

window panes & shiny rocks [minimalist challenge item #3]

[item] 3 vintage window sashes without glass and 2 containers of polished rocks

[purchase info] A friend gave me the windows and the rocks were leftovers from a creative element at church

[time in my possession] Less than a year

[last used] Never

[difficulty level in getting rid of it] Easy

[destination] Given to a friend

[info] I gave these to my friend who’s putting her house back together after a house flood.  She wants a “zen” bedroom, so she’s going to use these items in her new decor.  I like them, but I’m downsizing, and they’re just not high on the I’m-going-to-do-something-with-this list.

Jan 3 2011

I miss windex [day 221]

I cleaned my house yesterday and I really miss my bottle of Windex.  Vinegar and water is good, but it’s just not Windex.

Oct 22 2010

time is money [day 148]

I’ve been too busy this week to even think about shopping, however one thing is clear.

Time is money, money is time and it all flies out the window very quickly.